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Wedding Resources | Jewish Weddings are a lot of fun

Jewish Weddings are a lot of fun

A wedding is a big event. And most people will go to many weddings in order to honor their friends and family. Also, most people will have a wedding or two of their own. There are many types of weddings; for example there Jewish weddings and they are beautiful, elegant, and very entertaining because they usually have great food, great music, and a great sense of tradition.

Weddings are wonderful. They are very special events in people’s lives whether they are attending their own or a wedding of a family member, close friend, or co worker. Weddings are a milestone in people’s lives because weddings mark the end of people’s single lives and the beginning of people’s married lives. Weddings seem to celebrate the beginning of life’s journey as a couple. It is sometimes claimed that weddings are where two people become one person, figuratively of course. Weddings are very elegant and beautiful. However and of course the words elegant and beautiful can mean different things to different people. Therefore, there are many creative, beautiful, and elegant ways to plan and have a wedding. For example, there are many kinds of theme weddings that both the bride and groom can create in order to celebrate their special day. An example of a theme wedding would be a Jewish wedding.

Jewish weddings are both beautiful and elegant. Jewish weddings usually take place on Saturday after sunset due to the observance of the Sabbath. Or, they take place on Sunday starting at about five o’clock in the afternoon most likely in order not to compete with Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon church services and picnics. No matter what day weddings take place or what the wedding theme is the most popular times of year to have weddings is in the spring and summer because spring and summer are the seasons in which the weather is warmer. However, it is possible to have a fall or winter in California because the weather in California is almost always warm. It is claimed that the average temperature in California is seventy degrees. However it isn’t advisable to have a wedding in December, especially in Illinois because there is much snow in Illinois in December. But, the date and time of the wedding is up to the couple of course.

Jewish weddings have many ceremonies within the wedding ceremony itself. They have many blessings. For example, the couple stands under a canopy called a hupa and the couple is blessed under it. The hupa symbolizes the couple’s new home. There is also a bleedings over the wedding rings. In addition, the couple drinks wine together from a cup in order that they will have a sweet life together. Also, there is usually a glass broken at Jewish wedding. The glass is broken by the groom by stepping on it when it is covered with a cloth or a towel. The broken glass symbolizes that marriage is very fragile and that the marriage will last until all the tiny pieces of glass are put together. Putting the glass is impossible to put back together therefore the couple’s marriage will last forever.

In addition, a wedding with a Jewish theme will be highlighted with plenty of food, drink, dancing, and all around celebration. The wedding cake is big and the dinner is usually either chicken or beef. There is no pork served at Jewish weddings because pork is prohibited in Jewish cuisine. Also, some Jewish weddings serve kosher meat. And, there is also a big loaf of bread called challah is served at Jewish weddings. From what has been said it is easy to see that a Jewish wedding is filled with traditions, blessings, food, fun, love, and plenty of celebration. There are many types of weddings like a Greek or Italian weddings but always remember that Jewish weddings always rock. So attend a Jewish wedding if you get the chance to do so.

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