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Wedding Resources | Find Your Dream Bridal Gown

Find Your Dream Bridal Gown

With so many bridal gown styles and designs to choose from it is no wonder that the modern bride has to spend weeks if not months searching for the perfect dress. The bride can narrow down her choices by determining three things: what time of year is the wedding being held, what is the theme of the wedding and what is the most they are willing to spend on a dress. A bride armed with this information can easily pick out ten dresses to choose from.

Women are taught from the early age that the best type of bridal gown is one like Cinderella wore. Since body types vary, not everyone wants to or can look like Cinderella in a bridal gown with pouf sleeves, a cinched waist and a hoop skirt. Modern designs and styles run from column style dresses to the traditional full skirts. A bride can easily look like a princess no matter what her budget or taste is.

If you are one of the lucky ones with no budget concerns you will be able to buy any dress you desire. The downside to this situation is that it is increasingly difficult to find that perfect bridal gown with so many to choose from. The answer to this is to pick out a favorite designers and hire them to design a one of a kind gown to your specifications. Brides who choose this avenue will need to allow a designer three months or more to complete a gown.

Brides on a budget can also have a dress with a designer label, only one that is found on the rack. There are many absolutely beautiful gowns to choose from at wedding salons and many upscale retail stores. If you are an especially thrifty bride you may decide to go to a seasonal clearance at a retail store. Be prepared to arrive early for these sales, as they are first come, first served.

One of the best ways to find your perfect dress is to make an appointment at a bridal salon. Be sure to take a trusted friend with you on this trip, as you will need an opinion other than the salesperson when choosing your bridal gown. At your appointment your measurements will be taken and the salesperson will help you select from gowns on display and from ones available in their design catalogs. Occasionally a bride may come into a salon with pictures of dresses that they are interested in. If the dress is on the rack fits her size she can try it on and maybe even make a decision right then and there.

There are three basic considerations concerning the dress: bride's choices are usually based on the theme she has chosen, the time of year the wedding occurs and finally her budget. Traditional wedding themes will call for a traditional dress. This does not mean that the dress has to be a ball gown. The traditional bridal gown is white with simple decoration and a train. Other themed weddings may use accessories such as sashes, tiaras or unusual dress bride designs. An example of an unusual design is a white denim dress with the fringe for a western style wedding. The second concern is the time of year the wedding occurs in. Bridal dresses for a spring or summer weddings may be calf length. The material for warmer weather weddings includes chiffon, gauze and silk. A winter wedding usually calls for a formal length bridal gown that grazes the tops of the shoe. Materials used for winter dresses include dupioni, silk, taffeta, satin and white velvet. Finally, brides with budget concerns may also decide to make their own dresses from patterns readily available at local fabric stores or to hire a seamstress to make their dream bridal gown.

All brides are beautiful on their special day no matter which dress they choose to wear. Whether the bride chooses a traditional billowing gown or a sleek column dress she will surely look like a princess on her wedding day.

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