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Wedding Resources | Wedding Tip Archive

Choose Well for Your Friends!

When you´re picking out bridesmaid dresses, remember that your friends are on budgets. Even if they´re absolutely gorgeous, don´t pick a gown that is going to make it difficult for them to purchase. They´re mostly likely only going to wear it once, and they´re not going to love you if you pick something that costs two hundred dollars or more, especially considering that they also have to pay for shoes, bridal shower, shower gift, wedding gift, lodging, transportation and more. Don´t forget to pick out a nice bridesmaid gift for your friends as well!

Don´t Go Overboard
It´s not a good idea to go over your budget or go into debt in order to pay off your wedding. Beginning a married life together is a difficult transition as it is, and having a debt because of your wedding only adds to the financial problems.

Pre-Wedding Workout
Set reasonable goals. Maybe try walking or biking for 20 minutes every other day. You can increase gradually as you feel more fit. Always start each workout session with a warm up and end with a cool down period. Stretch slowly and don´t forget to breathe.

Dress Cost-Cutters
If you don´t have a big dress budget, consider renting a dress from stores that also carry rental tuxedos, etc. This is a good, practical option if you´re not sentimental and don´t mind not keeping the dress you´re married in.

Foregoing Flowers
If you´re strapped for cash, try cutting out all but the most important flowers (such as the bride´s bouquet) and using candles instead. They cost less and give weddings an incredibly romantic atmosphere.

Cutting the (Cake) Costs
If your cake budget is tight, consider eliminating some or all of the following, which usually add to the expense of the cake: fruit fillings, fondant icing, handmade sugar flowers, deep (rather than pastel) colors, unique shapes.

Creative Wedding Favors - Give Them a Couple
If you´re looking for unique wedding favor ideas , try to collect brides and groom cake toppers: antique, flea market, kitschy, handmade, plastic, cartoon characters. Present each couple with a set as a favor. In a quirky and charming way, it reminds your guests that every couple is as unique and special as you are, and makess for a great icebreaker at the dinner tables.

Taking Care of Tattoos
If you want to cover your tattoo for your wedding, try using a product such as Leg Magic from CoverMark Cosmetics. Their products are budge-proof and will last all day long.

Short Hair
If you have a very short hairstyle, be sure you don´t get your hair cut too far in advance of the wedding. Short hairstyles tend to grow out fairly quickly and you want to make sure your style looks like you want it to and not ´grown-out.´

Outdoor Beauty
Getting married outdoors under the sun? Don´t forget to apply the sunscreen before you put on your makeup---a burnt bride doesn´t look good!

Choosing Wedding Favors and Decorations
When deciding what wedding favors and decorations to use, there are some questions you can ask to help you choose: Do you want something that will feature your names and wedding date? Do you want something that will be fun to play with at the reception? Do you want to give something that´s useful? Do you want something that will last for a long time? Do you want something that will be part of the table decorations? Do you want a favor that will express both of your interests or personalities?

Runaway Runner
Unless your church provides it for free, consider skipping purchasing a runner. They´re often slippery, easily torn and can cause people to trip.

Wedding Invitation Postage
If you´re on a strict budget, be sure to consider postage costs when choosing your wedding invitations. Some larger styles of invitations and announcements or more unusual shape styles have to be mailed using higher postage, and while it might not seem like that much difference, it can add up when sending out dozens of wedding invitations.

Shoe Savings
To save money for the guys´ attire, have them wear their own dress shoes instead of renting them from the tuxedo store. It will cost less and they´ll be more comfortable.

Shoe Savings
To save money for the guys´ attire, have them wear their own dress shoes instead of renting them from the tuxedo store. It will cost less and they´ll be more comfortable.

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